The Kingdom of Buganda joins all Ugandans in mourning the untimely death of the Right Honourable Jacob Oulanyah, who was the Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda. Jacob Oulanyah will be remembered as an accomplished lawyer, a skilled and often humorous debater, as well as a consummate politician and legislator. The Kingdom extends condolences, especially to members of his family, his constituents, the people of Acholi, as well as his colleagues in Parliament.

In May 2016, a delegation that I led traveled to Gulu to commemorate the Sr anniversary of the death of Hon. Daudi Ochieng was a member of Parliament from Mityana in the Independence Parliament. We were warmly received by the late Ochieng’s family who was in the company of the late Jacob Oulanyah. At that event, which was also attended by Rwot David Onen Acana II, all speakers, including the late Speaker, spoke of the historic brotherly ties between the people of Acholi and Buganda. We, of the current generation, are proud of that bond and we are keen to maintain it.

It will be recalled that in his maiden speech as Speaker, in May 2021, the Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah urged his fellow legislators to “(put their) faith in facts and sharpening arguments rather than raising our voices”.

It is in that regard that we urge members of the public, including leaders at all levels, to preserve the dignity of the deceased by avoiding unfounded statements which can only cause unwarranted debates thereby causing more grief to the deceased’s family, friends, colleagues, and the entire country.

Death causes shock, grief, and anguish and it often makes emotions run high. That is why it is required of all of us to be calm during difficult times like this.

Just for the record, however, when the Kabaka flew to Germany in August 2021, he did not fly by the Presidential jet, but by KLM Airlines.

May God mercifully receive Jacob Oulanya’s soul. We pray that He grants his children and members of his family strength and hope during this trying moment.

Charles Peter Mayiga

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