Boy cries all day after missing 4
A pupil of VH Public School in Lira district, when he learned that he got aggregate 5 instead of 4 as he had expected, Moses Edibu, 13, cried the whole day and refused to eat.
Edibu is a former pupil of VH Public School, which is among the best performing UPE schools in Lira Municipality.
The boy, who was elected head prefect, would wake up at 5 am and walk to school. He would return home after 10 pm after attending extra lessons.
Although electricity is nearby, Edibu used to see it from the neighbors as he read his books using a hurricane lamp.
“I am not happy with the results,” Edibu said. “I expected to get aggregate 4.”
Edibu believes the problem could be in the marking of his English paper from which he got a Distinction 2. He said after the exams, he was very happy for he knew he would pass well. He wants to become a doctor.
Edibu advises candidates to revise their past papers and do more practice in mathematics.
Edibu put his first choice at Comboni College in Lira but now wants to join St Lawrence.
About Edibu
Moses Edibu is being taken care of by his grandmother after his then-teenage mother went back to school when he was still young. His mother later married another man.
Edibu’s grandmother, Evasta Omara, 65, from Bar Ogole in Lira Municipality, could not afford to have him in boarding as all candidates were required.

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