Barely two a week after the French embassies, German and Netherlands embassies issued terror alerts about Kenya; a bomb has gone off near the border of Kenya and Somalia. These terror threats all started the day Kenya deployed its forces in Somalia around 2011 to combat the militant Islamic extremists.

10 Confirmed Dead After A Bomb Blast In Kenya

At least 10 people have been confirmed dead after a Matatu (local 14 seater minibus taxi) drove over an explosive that had been placed in the road. This all took place in Mandera town. Mandera is a northeastern town in Kenya that shares its borders with Somalia and Ethiopia.

The Kenyan police still suspect that the act was done by the Islamic extremist sect well known as the El Shabab. It should be noted that Matatu is sometimes overloaded carrying around 18 people plus. Based on the inquiries sustained by those who are still alive, it is believed that the death toll is likely to rise sooner than later.

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