Bobi Wine to be President in 2021 — Justice Kanyeihamba

Retired Supreme Court judge, Justice George Kanyeihamba says he is expecting a fundamental change where new and vibrant leader Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bad Bobi Wine will topple the ruling government in 2021.

While conducting an interview on NBS TV earlier this week, Kanyeihamba argued that now the country needs young people take over public offices because they can be more vigilant when it comes to implementing the law. “In 2021, I expect people like Bobi Wine, Winnie Kiiza and Gerald Karuhanga to be the ones in charge of this country.

The reason we put term limits in the constitution was to have all generations take part in the leadership of this country,” he dropped a bombshell. Meanwhile, on the issue of the boat which capsized and claimed over 33 party goers lives last Saturday, Kanyeihamba says that there was no human error in the incident but rather there was human negligence. “Boats go through storms, good captains take boats through storms, and pilots have landed planes in storms. I want us to forget about natural elements in the Lake Victoria boat accident. There is a human element there.

In law, we have accidents which are natural but where they warn you and you hear the message but ignore it then you are negligent,” he says.