Amidst the skyrocketing fuel rates in Uganda, eviction of hawkers from Uganda’s capital Kampala, the national Unity platform has also had a personal matter on their table to deal with. Yesterday, one of the top newspapers in Uganda, the New Vision published an article about a crisis in the national unity platform. The article tabled claims that the national unity platform top bosses were in the bitter split.

As the common tradition often goes on social media, people read headlines instead of the content of the article. Thus the story raised mixed reactions from the public but what was unclear based on the first headline was the cause of the split.

There have been a number of money-related fights allegations in the national unity platform. But the biggest part of it has been tagged as propaganda thus not attracting any reasonable responses from people like Bobi wine. However, with a credible newspaper such as the New Vision, the leaders of the opposition saw it fit to respond to the claims.

According to Bobi Wine and Joel Ssenyonyi; the articles about the split over cash in NUP are simply sponsored propaganda articles by the president of Uganda. Common of the opposition in Uganda; everything that happens to them is blamed on their counterpart president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. But again their claims are not bluntly false after all the current CEO on the New Vision is the former press secretary for the president of Uganda.

However, what should be noted and made clear is the fact that Don Wanyama is not the chief editor of the New Vision. He didn’t also author the article that has brought up the contention. But by virtue of his former employment, anything that does not move in the favor of the opposition will always be translated as an invisible hand of the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

How True Are the Cash Split Claims?

It should be noted that neither Joel Ssenyonyi nor Bobi Wine addressed the cash split claims. They simply say that the person presenting these claims cannot be trusted as a reliable source. This would have passed for New Vision propaganda if it was only New Vision that had published an article about NUP splits.

In the last week of December,(3 weeks ago) the observer issued an article about NUP splits but the issue at hand was a disagreement over the strategy to overthrow the current president; Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Therefore, in conclusion, it might not be clear what exactly is causing a split or a crisis in the national Unity platform but what we can agree about at the moment is that there is a crisis in the national unity platform however much we cannot ascertain whether in a leadership issue, a financial issue or both.

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