The ghetto gladiator “His excellence” Bobi wine the leader of the national Unity platform has premiered his new political song just a few days after an awful unexpected lose in the Kayunga by election.

In his tweets yesterday, he expressed his disappointment calling upon the oppressed Ugandans to take center stage in determining the agenda of the country instead of letting president Museveni whom he often refers to as a dictator set the agenda

In his opening remarks of the “Ogenda” song, he says this is a farewell message to the current president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his colleagues retelling the injustices that he accounts on the current government of Uganda.

He highlighted issues of torture, unfair elections, overstaying in power, killing without trail among several other injustices in the first verse. In the second verse he highlights how God grants everyone choice even those who do not agree with him but for him who is simply human; he exercises authority over people’s lives in a way that even God’s doesn’t do. After highlighting all the injustices he attributes to the current president, he concludes by saying “Ogenda” literally translated “you are going”

In the song he says “Ogenda” (You are going) believing that this is the fate of every leader that has done all the injustices he highlights in this song.

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