Solomon Kampala the son of the leader of the national unity platform (NUP) Bobi Wine was in the news a few weeks ago after his suspension from St Mary’s College Kisubi on grounds of drug abuse. The school claimed that this was not the first time that Bobi Wine’s son was involved in drug abuse-related cases at school.

Bobi Wine didn’t issue any public response on the matter until yesterday during the Parents Teachers Association meeting where Bobi wine was quoted saying; “many of the teachers fear to be seen near him (Solomon Kampala)  for fear of the wrath of the headmaster. So my question Mr. Headmaster and fellow parents is; where is a parent supposed to raise these matters?” Bobi Wine continued to demand answers from the headmasters as well as an apology.

Bobi Wine claims that they had agreed not to raise these matters in the media because it would be considered immoral on their side.

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