Every now and then, a new online platform pops up promising huge returns to anyone that is interested in investing with them. One of the primary questions that arise whenever these ideas present themselves to new people is whether they are scams or legit.

To better answer this question, we have to first ask ourselves a few important questions such as; Is there any business that has existed before and its operations are similar to Besthela? If yes; is that business still in operation? If not; what do the former investors of that business have to say?

These three important questions will help you to understand whether you are dealing with a totally new business model or simply a replica of a similar business that just rebranded.

Is there any business that has existed before and its operations are similar to Besthela?

The short answer is yes. Besthela is a replica of Goldhela. There is absolutely no difference between Goldhela and Besthela apart from the first four letters before “hela”. Similar to Gold hela, there are five ways Besthela promises you to earn money; Affiliate marketing, answering Trivia questions, Spin & Win, clicking on ads, and watching ads.

Of all the suggested ways of earning, it is only the affiliate marketing option that is lucrative. They will require you to pay a subscription fee. For the case of Uganda, it is around 18,000 ($5). You do not get anything in return until you refer other people to subscribe.

Your earnings will come through other people’s subscriptions. And that will depend on how big your triangle is. To better understand Besthela, simply check out Goldhela.

Is Besthela a Scam or Legit Business

Besthela is a scam whose busting day is drawing closer every day that goes by. You can earn through it but it will close eventually out of the blue and all the new subscribers during the closure timeline will lose their money.

Given the fact that it is an online business, there is no way to seek redress upon closure. My advice has always been the same; you can join since it does not cost a lot to join but at the back of your mind understand that some of the people you recommend to this app will be scammed at the end of the day.

Until now, MTN and Airtel have never been tasked to look out for similar scams regardless of the fact that scammers such as BLQ, Century Ranch, and others have always used mobile money and Airtel money to gather their loot. You should always be suspicious of any company that does offer a bank account as one of their payment options.

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