Beenieman’s was set to perform in the Lugogo cricket oval, the place that has become the leading venue for big shows in Uganda. He was advertised along with some of Uganda’s top stars, Nigerian Oxlade and south African focalist. Besides the flop at cricket Oval, the show didn’t go on as planned; among the international stars, it is only Beenieman performed.

On the side of the Christian concert at Lugogo hockey grounds, the place was filled up to the brim. Unlike Beenieman’s show, Ada’s show was advertised by almost all leading Christian media houses in Uganda while Beenieman’s show relied more on influencers with limited mainstream media adverts.

Many believe that Beenieman‘s show flopped because of the high ticket price and poor date selection. On the same weekend, Eddy Kenzo staged the biggest show in town and also recorded the highest turn-up ever for a local artist

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