Art is like music, it is the expression of a certain reality through a sequence of processes and patterns. Through art, the artist is able to replicate a reality of life into one piece. The greatest expression of art is one’s ability to join different realities that seem useless when they stand alone by themselves but when viewed together pass a unique message/image worth pondering.

In Uganda, most of the art is simply is an equivalent of a camera photo expressed on a canvas with the unique touch of any artist. This kind of art is very popular because all it takes is one’s ability to recreate what is already existing. When you visit Bafrika Creationz, most of their art is simply a recreating of what is already existing by putting it on the Canvas. In this process of recreating, you do not get the exact expression of what is recreated rather, something somewhat new but still retaining the qualities of what has been recreated.

This kind of art is like producing music in a particular genre. Everything foundational remains the same but the garnishing on top of this foundation gives each song its unique identity but without outstepping the boundaries of its genre. Most of the art pieces of Bafrika Creationz in Entebbe are like that, they are everyday scenes’ portraits as well as personality portraits with a Bafrika Creationz touch.

However, this is not to say that Bafrika Creationz does not produce any sophisticated art. It does but that kind of art is not very common in their Gallery.

The art pieces are unfairly priced for an average Ugandan. But for anyone interested in art; their art pieces are fairly priced. Most if not all of their art pieces range from $100 and above.

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