Bad Black did anose job


Blacks are not known for getting plastic surgery. In fact, experts report that “A lot of African-Americans want to get their noses done, but due to the prominent stars that they have seen that have had bad rhinoplasty, they are very hesitant to do it,” They are especially very careful to get the nose done, because it is in the center of their face, and it is first thing that people will see if it looks bad.” icans account for only 20-30 percent of those who actually get plastic surgery. It is the least amount of any ethnicity.

Bad Black has been realize on bond the first thing she did was to go on her all to make this post “Haaaaa Bad Black arrested, are you dreaming your fools….am on line give me a break. The news of her arrest dominated all media houses.b3 b4 b2 b5 b

Bad Black has been arrested by authorities in Rwanda and she’s being transported back to Uganda and Straight to Luzira prison. Black spent four hours on facebook this morning from 2am-6am exchanging bitterly with a user who decided to take her on in some bit of hot exchange

She has done nose job, One Jack Mukasa who she later identified as he ex-Meddie engaged her for at least four hours and the two were busy exchanging bitterly. Bad Black kept on assuring him of how her ‘engine ’is worth billions. Jack assured her of how Luzira material but to this she replied, “How long was I in Luzira?”

However this morning all luck ran out when she was arrested while trying to leave Kigali, where she has bought a house and was staying with her lover Maysean. It’s common for Bad Black to follow up on her posts especially this one where she used extreme anger claiming that she is tired (Yakoowa),but she has since not appeared on facebook