First and foremost, I would like to thank our great customer’s for the great support at Baboon Safari Resort. However, as business perspectives, I would like once again to enlighten what has been talked about at Baboon Safari Resort! Some of the tour Guide ‘s should always avoid being with a long arm towards their clients bags they should always be satisfied with what they are being given as their allowance and tips.

On the same page, baboon Safari Resort has been in existence for almost seven years accordingly and there has been nothing like what is being posted here about it. But as we all know that no business without enemies, I call upon everyone to disregard this false information about Baboon Safari Resort. Those are planned people to fight hard to make sure that Baboon Safari Resort is finished but with the almighty ‘s wish, Baboon Safari Resort will never do such unless it’s planned by the haters of other people’s businesses.

Finally, it was of a shock to us as Baboon Safari Resort management after hearing from The guide who left our resort without any complaint and after like 4hrs, the very tour guide called that he has lost above-mentioned money.

In my conclusion, I, therefore, advise everyone here not to fight a war with a colleague who wants someone to lose business. Warm regards from baboon Safari Resort management.

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