In a bid to unravel the puzzling events surrounding the recent attempted assassination of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo from the House of Prayer Ministries, law enforcement authorities have intensified their investigations. The focus has shifted towards scrutinizing footage obtained from multiple CCTV cameras strategically positioned in various locations.

Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, revealed that the meticulous review of the CCTV footage aims to piece together the moments leading up to the assault on Bugingo. The objective is to ascertain whether the assailants trailed the pastor or laid an ambush for him.

“We are meticulously analyzing the CCTV footages, starting from Salt TV headquarters in Lungujja, tracing Bugingo’s route, to determine whether he was followed or if there were other suspicious activities,” stated Owoyesigyire.

The harrowing incident unfolded on a Tuesday night when unidentified attackers riding a motorcycle unleashed gunfire at Bugingo’s vehicle around 9 pm at Bawalakata Junction along National Housing Road, situated in Namungoona zone 2 within Lubaga division. Tragically, Corporal Richard Muhumuza, Bugingo’s bodyguard attached to the Special Forces Command (SFC), lost his life in the attack.

Law enforcement officials indicated that the perpetrators swiftly fled the scene on the same motorcycle. Bugingo, miraculously escaping the assault, promptly drove to Mulago National Referral Hospital, where Muhumuza was pronounced dead.

In his first interaction with the media following the traumatic incident, Bugingo, the prominent religious leader, expressed gratitude for what he deemed a second chance at life. He attributed his survival to divine intervention, stating, “Satan desired my demise, but God ordained my survival. I’ve been granted another opportunity to live.”

The Special Forces Command swiftly initiated investigations into the attack, acknowledging the loss of one of their own. Major Jimmy Omara, the SFC spokesperson, informed the Nile Post, “As SFC, we have launched an inquiry into the matter to ascertain the sequence of events.”

However, challenges emerged for law enforcement at the crime scene. Upon their arrival, the area had been compromised by local residents, hindering the preservation of crucial evidence. Despite this setback, the Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson emphasized ongoing forensic examinations on Bugingo’s vehicle by experts from the police’s forensics directorate at Naguru. The objective is to extract potential clues that might lead to the perpetrators.

“The forensic team is meticulously gathering evidence from the vehicle, which is deemed a secondary crime scene. Projectiles recovered from the car are being examined to determine the number of bullet entry points. Old Kampala police await the forensic report to chart the next phase of our investigation,” highlighted Owoyesigyire.

Preliminary findings suggest the use of a pistol in the assault, as indicated by spent cartridges found at the scene. However, further specifics regarding the firearm and the precise number of shots fired remain pending until the forensic report is available.

“The evidence obtained so far suggests a pistol was used, but we await the forensic report for comprehensive details on the type of gun and the number of bullets discharged,” concluded Owoyesigyire.

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