There have been speculations making rounds on social media after Sheebah released a video claiming that a certain VIP who is also fond of being on national television attempted to rape her in a car moments before she stepped out to perform on a certain even.

The details of where and when this scuffle took place were withheld leaving the public to simply speculate on who might have been the pervert in question. Among the names highlighted on social media included Gilbert Bukenya the former vice president of Uganda and Andrew Mwenda a renowned journalist and political analyst.

Today; Andrew Mwenda has finally come out to share his side of the story expressing a lot of disappointment in what he termed as a possible stunt from Sheebah seeking social media attention.

Andrew Mwenda’s Points to consider in Sheebah’s Scuffle

  • Andrew Mwenda claims he does not know any musician called Sheebah and he has never met her.
  • Andrew Mwenda contacted Sheebah or her “management” via WhatsApp asking her to clear his name.
  • Sheebah ignored Andrew Mwenda’s messages. She later claimed it was her management that received the messages
  • Andrew Mwenda feels Sheebah has an obligation to expose the man who raped or attempted to rape instead of letting the public speculate
  •  Sheebah was not among the performers at Entebbe Cricket Oval Muhoozi’s birthday party where Andrew Mwenda was during the weekend.
  • An NBS journalist claims that Sheebah performed at Gilbert Bukenya’s birthday party the last weekend.
  • Sheebah should report the matter to the police instead of simply seeking public sympathy

Andrew Mwenda has ranted his dissatisfaction over Sheebah’s failure to clear his name and her failure to report the matter to the police. He said that the ambiguity in her message must have been deliberate to leave the public speculating as she draws social media attention to herself.

Today Andrew Mwenda has come out on his official Twitter account to inform the public that he was able to engage with the CID to handle the matter. In his Tweet, Andrew Mwenda was quoted saying; “I have talked to the director of CID who has agreed to open a case to find out the person who allegedly raped singer Sheeba Kalungi. Police are going to call her and ask her to reveal the offender. Sheeba is being disingenuous in hiding the true rapist as social media lynch me.”

In conclusion of the whole matter, he said; “If Sheeba was either raped or sexually molested or violated in any way, the offender should be apprehended by police, taken to courts of law to face justice. She, therefore, has a duty to reveal this offender to the authorities so that justice can be served.”

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