The case at hand has to be made clear before proceeding to discuss this matter. There was a rat at the bottom of the milkshake cup. Cafe Javas agrees to this as well as the client. The issue at hand is where did the rat come from? Cafe Javas says; it’s not in any way possible that the rat ending up in the milkshake was out of their negligence. The client says; it was out of Cafe Javas negligence that the rat was found in the milkshake.

A brand is not grown overnight. It takes years to build trust through offering continuous quality that either meets or exceeds the customer expectations. Cafe Javas is not overrated; it is one of the top restaurants in Uganda. Anyone that cannot agree to this might probably be missing out on certain facts. From Tripadvisor, to google reviews; Cafe Javas has been a force to reckon with when it comes to delivering quality services.

In all this; we should not forget that not everyone that has visited Cafe Javas has found their services excellent. There are a number of clients that have found Cafe Javas services wanting. The few we know about are those who have spared a few minutes of their precious time to review the services of Cafe Javas.

Based on the fact at hand; we are trying to first establish the image of Cafe Javas. We can easily say they are fond of offering quality services but there are moments their services have not been top of the class but not to the extent of finding a cockroach or a dead rat in the milkshake.

On the other hand, we have a disappointed client claiming they found a dead rat in their milkshake due to Cafe Javas’ poor services. Can we trust this client’s opinion? The answer is “yes” and “no”.

Anyone that has ever felt cheated knows the wrath you feel like unleashing on anyone that tries to prove you wrong. If you are fond of reading customer reviews, disappointed clients are fond of coining up stories to tarnish the image of the service provider. This implies that however much her presentation of the matter might be true, it is at the same time not reliable.

Let’s Analyze The Case

If Cafe Javas says the rat in the milkshake was not in any way out of their negligence; it is not a surprise because this is the kind of response you would expect from a big brand like Cafe Javas. They have a lot to lose in regard to this saga.  If they said there was a rat in the milkshake at the time of serving it to the client, that would have been a very bold stand that would require several employees to be fired to preserve the company’s public image.

Cafe Javas shared a video showing how the milkshake was made, there was no way a rat would have been found in the milkshake unblended. But they did not share the moment where the client is taking the milkshake, and the reaction of the client after finding out there was a rat in their milkshake. They only shared the moment of making the milkshake. They do not even share the moment of serving the client the milkshake!

There is a gap; in Cafe Javas’s narrative. Their video is not complete! why would they withhold the other parts of the video if they were trying to regain public trust!. The client knew very well that there were cameras in the restaurant. If it’s the client that came with the rat; then the cameras would have in some way caught their client putting it in but they do not share this; they only share the moment of how the milkshake is made! Even if the client was shadowed by someone at the moment of placing in the rat, it would have made more sense if they shared that video!

Could it be true that Cafe Javas is sharing with us a wrong video on how the milkshake was made after all this is not the only client we can assume to have taken a milkshake that day? Remember it is the client that is raising the issue of a rat in their milkshake and it’s Cafe Javas on the defensive side. It is expedient for cafe Javas to present all the necessary evidence to prove that what the client accuses of them is not true.

Though Cafe Javas is known for quality services. They have not shared with us about their procedures that negate the chances of rats being found in their restaurant. Secondly, they have not shared with us how they manage their stores to negate the fact that a rat can be found in their foods. Thirdly, they are leaving out the important details of the footage.

Based on my analysis, it is very likely that Cafe Javas is using the quality service standard that they have acquired over the years to cover up an issue that has arisen out of their negligence. However, it should be noted that I am only coming to this conclusion based on the limited facts at my disposal. Maybe, with more facts, I can come to a different conclusion but at the moment; it seems Cafe Javas is hiding something.

By SePH256

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