AIGP was murdered by Mafias for Investigating

Various hypotheses keep on circulating in social media regarding on how, who and why the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Felix Kaweesi was murdered. Some say that it was the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) who murdered him, while some others think it was an inside job as proposed by President Museveni and IGP Kayihura.

Key Mafia suspect as per one hypothesis is Amos Ngabirano, who was facing the blade by Kaweesi the Human Resource Director up to 2016.

Amos Ngabirano, who is the only citizen Director in Police department and behind the $104million CCTV project to install cameras in the entire nation, a deal where he was slated to make $20M/= commission and AIGP Kaweesi investigated it and answered to the IGP and the President.

He is additionally among the wealthiest Ugandans, with manors on most of the hills in Kampala, a private chopper, real estate in Cape Town and Dubai and his kids always airlifted to school and over from the luxury Turi International school in Nairobi every weekend.

AIGP Felix Kaweesi had been battling him among other mafia in the police department and had curved in on them! It ought to be noticed that Ngabirano lost a sibling after the demise of Kaweesi.