AIGP Murder: Police Issue Composite Images of Suspects

Police have presented two composite photos of the suspected murderers of the Assistant Inspector of Police (AIGP) Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

Police said the pictures were of suspects “wanted in association with the case of killing the AIGP that happened yesterday in Kulambira Kampala.”

A facial composite is a graphical portrayal of an eyewitness’s memory of a face, as recorded by a composite artist.

It’s very conceivable the facial representation were result of meetings with eyewitnesses.

Kampala Sun News comprehends police took several people for interview who helped to provide information as to Friday morning’s shooting.

The AIGP was shot at around 9:30am after leaving his home in Kulambiro, Kisasi – a Kampala suburb.
Police are yet to speak out on whether they have anybody in custody in connection to AIGP’s murder.
Be that as it may, a tremendous hunt is in progress to capture the suspected murderers.

Facial composites are utilized mainly by police in their investigation of crimes. These pictures are likewise used to remake the suspect’s face in hope of recognizing them.

While the exemplary utilization of the facial composite is the resident recognizing the face as an acquaintance, there are different ways where a facial composite can prove helpful.

The facial composite can contribute in law requirement in Identifying the suspect in a needed poster; getting extra confirmation against a suspect; helping examination in checking leads and cautioning defenseless populace against serial offenders.

Facial composites of different types have been utilized widely in those TV programs which plan to reproduce major unsolved crimes with a view to picking up information from the individuals from public, for example, “America’s Most Wanted” in the US and “Crimewatch” in the UK.