Global Fire Power (GFP) has published its 2020 global power index ranking countries around the world. In the 2020 index, 138 countries were featured.

The ranking is based on the size of the serving military members, fuel availability for military operations, number of jet fighters, the defense budget, logistics flexibility, and size of the naval force. Below is how African countries ranked in Africa and around the world.

1. Egypt

Egypt is one of the most popular African countries because of its contribution to world history. The country is mainly known for its pyramids and biblical stories. It ranked first on the African continent.

2. South Africa

South Africa is mainly known for its fallen political icon Nelson Mandela. It is also one of the top five African safari destinations. The country ranked second in Africa.

3. Algeria

Algeria is a North African Arabic country that has made a fortune through oil. It is the largest country in Africa followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Algeria ranked third on the African continent.

4. Nigeria

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa. It is also the country with the highest population on the African continent. Regardless of the civil unrest in some parts of Nigeria, the country ranks fourth on the African continent.

5. Morocco

There are three state Kingdoms on the African continent and Morocco is one of those three kingdom states. The Kingdom of Morocco ranks as the 5th Military giant of Africa.

6. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the home of Rastafarianism and also the only country on the African continent that was never colonized. Besides the recent civil war issue in the country, Ethiopia ranks as the 6th strongest country in Africa militarily.

7. Angola

Angola is one of the few former Portuguese African states. It is among the top fuel-producing countries on the African continent making it also the country with the least fuel rates in Africa. The country ranks 7th in military power on the African continent.

8. Libya

Libya was once among the top 5 strongest African countries until the fall of Gadaffi that left the country never the same. The country has suffered military unrest for the last 10 years. Their army ranks 8th on the African continent.

9. Sudan

Sudan is one of the African countries that has suffered military coups in the recent past. Until now, the country still suffers political unrest. However, their army is the 9th strongest on the African continent.

10. Tunisia

Tunisia ranked as the 10th strongest country militarily on the African continent. In 2021, Tunisia was one of the countries that suffered civil unrest on the African continent.

11. The Democratic Republic of Congo

12. Kenya

13. Chad

14. Zambia

15. Uganda

16. Zimbabwe

17. Ghana

18. Mali

19. South Sudan

20. Cameroon

21. Niger

22. Botswana

23. Côte d’Ivoire

24. Tanzania

25. Mozambique

26. Republic Of the Congo

27. Eritrea

28. Mauritania

29. Namibia

30. Madagascar

31. Burkina Faso

32. Gabon

33. the Central African Republic

34. Sierra Leone

35. Liberia

36. Somalia

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