Why lions climb trees/ reasons why lions climb trees?
It is rare to find lions actually climb trees. There are now more than 2 populations in the whole world of such lions that do actually climb trees as one daily activity. One of these populations is found within the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Other tree-climbing lions are found in Lake Manyara National Park situated in Southern Tanzania.

It is believed that lions climb trees to protect themselves against the numerous biting insects like mosquitoes, tsetse flies among others found on the ground level.

Lions climb trees to escape from the heat on the ground and enjoy the cool breeze up stares however, the actual reason why they climb up into the tree branches remains unknown.

Lions climb trees to dodge fights with their enemies – among their enemies include human beings, elephants, buffaloes, leopards,s and other strong animals. Therefore, it is true to argue that lions climb trees for security reasons.

Lions climb trees to target their prey – antelope species among others are the major prey of lions. The Lions are normally seen lazily lying up within the branches of the huge fig trees staring down at the numerous Uganda Kobs that are grazed in the open Ishasha plains – and these are actually the main prey to these lions.

Lions climb trees to catch prey like squirrels and other tree-climbing animals like monkeys, baboons – birds like wood peakers among others.

In case you ever find yourself being chased by a lion, choosing to climb up into the trees as a way to escape from it will actually not help much especially within Queen Elizabeth National Park since these Lions have the ability to climb up into the trees at the fastest speed.

Lions actually climb trees for leisure – after daily routine, the lions find it much important to relax on the tree branches- In the Ishasha sector lions are found swinging on the fig trees. They are commonly seen sleeping on branches in the afternoon as they digest their food after lunch.

Lions climb trees to pick some grasshoppers, white ants, among others – they sometimes supplement fresh with insects but to a smaller extent.

They also climb trees for prestigious reasons – showing off as they are really the king of the jungle.
Lions climb trees while playing with others –training young ones however, only a few populations of lions can climb trees while others are incapable.

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