The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid; has today notified the Taliban government will not accept the Americans to continue their stay in Afghanistan later than 31 August 2021; a date that was set by the American president¬† Joe Biden’s administration.

According to the Taliban Spokesman; life is already returning to normal other than the Kabul airport which is still in chaos because of some Afghans who are unsure of their future in the country that has been taken over by the Taliban.¬† Though the spokesman claimed he was not aware of any meetings between the CIA and the Taliban but he didn’t deny about such meetings have happened earlier.

Many people have been seen in trending devastating scenes of Afghans trying to catch an American flight to flee the country that had been taken over by the Taliban. Though the Taliban promised to respect human rights as well as allowing women in public space; many people are still skeptical about their submission since they will continue to rule using Sharia law which seemed very offensive during the Taliban government era in Afghanistan.

The whole world is still waiting to see how the Taliban will handle the situation after the Americans and other international players have fully vacated the country.

By SePH256

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