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Rental Cars Uganda Ltd offers extremely affordable and trusted shoddy car rental services in Uganda and in some of East African countries like Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. We provide an extensive variety of agreeable cars for hire ranging from Saloon cars to 45 seater buses. We do more transportation services, for example, airport pickups and transfer, chauffer driven and self drive safaris. You just need to tell us where you want to go, to do and when so that we can organize everything for you and we choose for you a perfect vehicle for your trip.

It would be perfect if you don’t hesitate to hire a car of your choice this festival season either online or by directly going to our offices in near you. Our rates are inclusive of local taxes, insurance and on unlimited mileage basis. At Rental Cars Uganda Ltd we consider value for your money furthermore covers awesome rates and exceptional customer services. We offer first class services and all our vehicles are well services and always clean. We don’t have hidden charges the rate you reserve for your car is the rate you will pay at your arrival.

Hire a car for self drive is the best way to save money on a trip and it’s more rewarding in the way that you will be the one behind the steering wheel controlling everything. When travelling in Uganda more especially on self drive, it is strongly recommended that you use a 4×4 vehicle because most roads upcountry and those passing through most national parks like, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National, Queen Elizabeth National park and many other are in bad conditions. So to avoid setbacks and disappointments on a self drive trip make sure you hire a strong 4WD vehicle.

Since one of the major driving rules in Uganda is that we keep LEFT, most of our cars are right hand drive but in all types we have both manual and automatic transmission and in all models. Am proudly saying that, which type of a vehicle you’re looking for, you can’t fail to get it from our large fleet. All distance on the road, speed limits are marked in Kilometres.

At Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, we have various van or car rental options available, so if you’re looking for any car type just contact us and tell us the specifications of the vehicle you want use, we will get it for you at affordable rates.

In case you’re a budget traveller and not willing to travel upcountry or when you’re travelling during the dry season, its recommended that you hire a sedan car which is like Toyota Rav4 because its fuel consumption is low, but you have to note that it is a hatchback and it might not be perfect for driving long distances and carries a maximum of 5 people.

In case you’re travelling in a group, it’s recommended that you hire a vehicle with extra seating space like; a super custom, Land Cruisers and Min vans. All these vehicles carry more than 4 people and in case you’re on wildlife watching trip, a safari vehicle with a pop up roof is perfect for you in the way that it is very convenient and every one will be able to clearly watch animals in the park.

In case you need to travel to Uganda on a self drive basis, just feel free to contact us and ask any question by just visiting our website at www.rentalcarsuganda.com OR Email us on info@rentalcarsuganda.com OR call us on +256773728141.