When you are planning to have a lifetime and memorable experience on your visit to Africa, just plan your visit to the mountain gorillas in the mist in one of the African regions Uganda, Rwanda, or the Democratic Republic of Congo. The gorillas in these 3 regions are found in their natural habitat but not in the Zoo, and each region has got its habituated groups that are launched for tourism.

Uganda has so now over 12 families for tourism and among these include the Mubare, Habinyanja, Rushegura, Bitukura, Oruzogo, Kyagurilo, Nkuringo, Busigye, Kahungye, Mishaya, Nshongi, Bweza, and more others that are still facilitating the gorilla tourism research. Then Rwanda has also some of the groups like the Amahoro, Susa, Karisimbi, Urbano, Hirwa among others. These regions have got also the transboundary group which is known as the Nyakagezi group which stays in Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda and then in the rest of the 2 regions it moves Virunga crossing to each region. So many Uganda gorilla safari packages available online provided by different tour operators. They can take you to Bwindi forest to see gorillas in the wild, also to other national parks.

Trekking any of these mountain gorillas, it is better to book your permit as early as possible if you are already visiting Africa in your next couple of month, it advisable to do this in advance as these gorillas trek has a limit on the number of people to visit them per day, with the effort of conservationists in these regions and the international communities and for the sake of conserving these primates for the future, it is by law the gorillas to be tracked by 8 people per day for conservation issue and also to mind about the carrying capacity of the forest as well.

This is such a neat way to experience gorillas in their natural environment. You will not be able to go to a zoo after this because seeing animals in their natural habitat is such an amazing experience.

After trekking the gorillas, are you aware that Africa has completely changed regarding the infrastructures, though there are still some poor roads connecting to the tourism destinations, tour operators have modernized the transport life. One of our friends recently had just left Uganda and traveled with a certain company and he was on luxury safari but they were offered the safari van and he and the friends were not comfortable.

Therefore we booked our camping Uganda safari with Gorilla Expeditions Limited we requested the safari jeep and ordered Steve to send us a photo of the car we shall use, and very soon he sent something that I would not even expect to be in Africa and we saved everything and we came with all the printed communications such in case something changes we open the communications between us and him, and steadily as he proved to be professional from the beginning and upon our arrival at the airport we met the guide and he was so welcoming and pushed our bags up to the jeep and I was much excited to see the very photo sent to me with the same registration place it is the same jeep am seating in for my safari in Africa/Uganda the pearl of Africa and you experience this as soon as you land at Entebbe International Airport.

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