Technology has been the center and foundation of almost all human plans for the future. It is no longer possible to imagine the future without thinking of how technology is likely to change. In all this, there are a number of things that seem to be in play that everyone should know about; A.I

A.I; is an acronym for Artificial intelligence. Previously computers were programmed to do tasks according to prior commands or instructions. However today this seems to be changing, there is a progressing attempt to create computers that can think like human beings given the same data a human brain is likely to process. In other words; the computer will react to situations with rationality.

With computers capable of thinking, there is likely an unpredictable change in how computers work. Man is likely to delegate his duty of operating a computer to an A.I. This might be good news but in a world where content development and publishing are the heart of the internet, what will happen when an A.I can produce far fine content than a human being?

Productivity And Employment

Productivity can be defined as the rate of output per unit input. The graph of productivity over the last 2000 years seemed to be continually predictable until the early 1990s. There was a major spike in productivity which makes you wonder what might have happened to the human race.

Unfortunately, human beings in themselves didn’t become more productive. But due to the introduction of robots, the human race registered an unprecedented spike in productivity. Though it might have appeared as a breakthrough worth all the credits; the fact that it is causing more unemployment is no longer up for debate.

In every field of life, it seems like there are inventions towards more productivity. It is unfortunate that in every quest for better productivity, it seems human beings are getting sidelined making a human being future in the A.I generation is unclear.

With A.I inventions; the computer will be able to come up with solutions a human being has not thought of. Though this has mainly been considered in the medical field, it can be adopted in every other field including real estate engineering, Blogging, New publishing, and a lot more.

Human Memory Enhancement

For a long time, human beings have taken pride in their ability to do things far excellently than other people. This is actually what has given some human being special space in public domains. However, things seem to be changing. While other countries are working so hard to increase the number of surgical doctors, Nueralink has introduced a robot that can carry out surgical operations far more perfectly than a normal human being.

In August 2020, Elon Musk the CEO of Nueralink and SpaceX premiered a Nueralink chip which is a quest to join an A.I to a human brain.

Human beings have a challenge with retrieving memory. With the evolution of the Nueralink chip, it will be possible to store your memories on the cloud. You will no longer need a pen drive to store data. You will no longer need a camera to take photos. All your memories can be stored and retrieved from this chip.

In view of productivity, it seems to remain competitive in the A.I generation, taking this chip will be inevitable. Normal human beings will not have a place in the labor market anymore. Like machines are sidelining human beings when it comes to routine tasks, chip-carrying human beings will be more advanced when it comes to memory, and thinking capacity. They will be able to access solutions that seem unfathomable by a normal human mind.

The main purpose of the Nueralink is to solve human deficiencies such as blindness, deafness, and a number of reflex inabilities. But it is plain clear, something else will be adopted after archiving this goal.

Who Shall Be The Tech King?

There are mainly two countries in the driving seat of tech; the United States of America and China. It would have been a fantasy fairytale if only these two countries were working towards the same goal. However, this is like an experiment where the United States of America is the A.I laboratory for a democratic nation while China is a laboratory for a non-democratic nation.

The United States of America still seems to be ahead of China in regard to A.I, however, the numbers seem to be in favor of China due to the prevailing conditions of international partnerships.


In conclusion, the A.I revolution has not been discussed extensively in the public domain yet everyone seems to be directly or indirectly participating in its creation by contributing data through social media, google searches, and many other online data crawling and collection tools people are unconsciously part

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