Balumbuli is located within a one-hour’s drive from Mbale city. Its strategic location makes it very possible to spend a night in Mbale and go hiking in Bulambuli in the morning.

Sipi falls is the hiking king of the East but before reaching Sipi falls in Kapchorwa district; You can consider a stop at Bulambuli waterfalls. There are a series of four popular waterfalls in Bulambuli; Nakifumbuko, Golobetei, Gibanyi, and Gibuzare waterfalls. Unfortunately; these waterfalls are still unknown to many having lived in the shadows of Sipi falls.

Gibanyi Waterfalls

Gibanyi waterfalls have a similar view to that of Sipi falls. Attempting a 2 hours hike will reward you with a visit to the top of Gibanyi waterfalls. The close to an hour hike to the top of the hills passes through villages well-paved Stoney paths that make it very possible to hike even after a heavy downpour.

For anyone who is afraid of heights, it is recommended you stick to a visit to the bottom of these waterfalls instead of trying the top of the falls which you may not be able to access due to the fear of heights.

Golobetei Waterfalls

Golobetei waterfalls are not as high as Gibanyi waterfalls but are more scenic than Gibanyi waterfalls. Once you make up your mind to hike to the top of Gibanyi waterfalls, then you will have to make a stop at Golobetei waterfalls on your way to the top. In fact, this is the first waterfall you will find on the main trail to the top of Gibanyi waterfalls.

Nakifumbuko Waterfalls

Nakifumbuko waterfalls are similar to Gibanyi waterfalls but a little bit bigger than Gibanyi waterfalls. You might not be able to visit all the waterfalls using one trail but you can see all of the waterfalls at the beginning point of your hike.

Gibuzare Waterfalls

Gibuzare waterfalls are the main waterfalls in the Bulambuli district. Their views cannot be matched by any waterfall in the Sipi area. Unless you are short of time; Gibuzare waterfall is a must-visit in Eastern Uganda. However unlike the other three waterfalls that have a marked trail; the Gibuzare waterfall trail goes through gardens just like the trails in the Sipi area.

There are two waterfalls in the Gibuzare area; a minor waterfall whose streams can easily be crossed at ease and the major waterfall that can easily be mistaken for Sipi falls by many people. The most amazing part of these waterfalls is the hidden bottom of the falls waterfalls. They are almost similar to the top of the falls at Sipi though a little beat smaller.

The waterfalls can be divided into two parts; the upper bottom of the falls where Gibuzare waterfalls first pour down and the lower bottom of the falls which also forms another minor waterfall at the bottom. The hike is also tiring, you should be ready to walk for at least 25 minutes up the hill.

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