Maureen Nantume

In 2015, Golden Band singer Maureen Nantume released a song, titled ‘Ngenze Kufumba’ after she introduced Ronnie Muganza to her parents. Popularly known for songs such as Nkuze, Kiyungu, Malidadi among others, Nantume then was pregnant, and together with Muganza, they have a three-year-old daughter.

The traditional marriage ceremony reportedly cost about Shs50 million and was held under tight security, because there was another woman in the picture who wanted the ceremony halted.

The woman in question is Claire Natukwasa who, over the weekend, introduced Muganza to her parents in Mbarara. Confusing? Not really? See, Natukwasa and Muganza were in a relationship before Nantume came into the picture. They also had a four-year-old child then. Sources say Muganza paid 14 cows in dowry alongside other goodies to have Natukwasa, who three years ago, vowed to fight for her position as the ‘first lady.’ Maureen Nantume is allegedly on suicide watch ever since she got the news!!

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