Just fifteen minutes ago; our sources have confirmed that a total of 51 Afghan refugees have arrived in Uganda. A total of 2000 Afghan refugees were expected to come to Uganda courtesy of the American evacuation process of the vulnerable Afghans who were desperate to leave the country that is now under the control of the Taliban militants.

Though the condition is somehow getting back to normal in some places of Afghanistan; many women in Afghanistan fear for their lives because of the strict sharia law that seems for the most part to be unfair to modern women.

With the future still uncertain; many Afghans are trying all means to leave their country. The spokesman of the Taliban militants who are also now the current government of Afghanistan gave the Americans an ultimatum of 31st August to exit their country. Though America is doing everything they can to evacuate their people, they are delayed by the attempts to evacuate a number of Afghans who wish to exit Afghanistan.

Uganda is the leading country in hosting refugees in the whole world. Because of its generosity and hospitality towards the refugees; it is one of the countries that the United States of America has partnered with to ensure a safe haven for the Afghanistan refugees.


By SePH256

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