Rwenzori Mountains national park is one of the least visited national parks in Uganda. However much the park is located within the vicinity of Kibale forest national park and Queen Elizabeth national park, it still remains one of the least visited national parks in Uganda.

In case you are wondering what Rwenzori mountains national park has to offer and looking for reasons to why you should visit Rwenzori mountains national park, look no further; here are the top five reasons you should Rwenzori mountains national park.

1. Its Closer to several National Parks

Before we even talk about what you can do in the Rwenzori mountains national park, it should be noted that the park is located in proximity to Kibale forest national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, and Semiliki national park.

Based on Rwenozori’s location, you can visit Semuliki national park, Kibale forest national park, Queen Elizabeth national park as well as Kilembe mines. During your 21 days Uganda safari, you can fully explore all the four parks in this locality inclusive of Rwenzori mountains national park.

Rwenzori Mountains national park is one of those places you can visit even on a self drive safari in Uganda

2. It has the Highest Point in Uganda

Just like lake Albert is one of the recommended must-visits in Uganda for being the lowest point in Uganda at 621 meters above sea level; Rwenzori mountains have the highest point in Uganda recorded at 5109 meters above sea level.

Visiting Rwenzori mountains national park offers the opportunity for climbing the Rwenzoris up the highest point in Uganda. This hike usually takes 7 days.

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3. Snow At The Equator

Rwenzori Mountains National Park is the only place in Uganda where you can find snow. After enjoying the tropical climate on your Uganda safari; hiking the Rwenzoris gives you a special feel of a totally different environment that many are not even aware exists in Uganda.

4. Short Hikes

Rwenzori mountains national park is known by many for the Margherita peak. However, even without opting for the summit view, there are a number of short day hikes that you can opt for more so with a family of minors below the age of twelve. These include 1-day hikes, 2 days hikes, and 3 days hikes.

The advantage of the short hikes is they are cheaper and they do not require as much equipment as those aiming for the summit.

5. Unesco Heritage Site

Uganda has a total of three UNESCO heritage sites. That is Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Kasubi tombs, and Rwenzori mountain national park. Unesco heritage sites have scientific, historical, cultural, and other forms of significance thus receiving protection from United Nations.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is one of the most visited Unesco heritage sites in Uganda. Based on the Rwenzori mountains national park location; it is very possible to visit Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Rwenzori mountains national park on a 14 Days Gorilla Trekking & Rwenzori Hiking in Uganda.

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