Year after year, Uganda is becoming one of the popular East African Adventure travel destinations. This has been brought about the uniqueness of what Uganda has to offer in terms of tours and travel. Think of primate adventures, wildlife game drives, white water rafting, and a number of cultural adventures and tours.

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to Uganda safaris. These include but not limited to Self drive car adventures, Self drive Motorcycle adventures, and tour operator organised safaris. Which your style of travel; you need a few reasons to understand why you have to choose a particular style of travel.

In this article today, we are focusing on the major five reasons why you should consider self-drive motorcycle adventures in Uganda compared to self-drive car hire and tour operator arranged Uganda safaris and adventures. Below are five reasons why you should consider self drive motorcycle adventures in Uganda.

5 Reasons To Take A Motorcycle Adventure In Uganda

Often at times, when people are advising on why you should visit a destination, they put most of their attention on what the destination has to offer. But in this article, we are going to dwell more on the reasons to consider a motorcycle adventure in Uganda regardless of the destination you are visiting in Uganda.

1. Best For Solo Travel

Whether you are a gentleman or a lady considering solo travel in Uganda, a self-guided motorcycle adventure would be the best option. It gives you the liberty to discover the best of Uganda on a fancy bike instead of getting squeezed in Taxis and buses.

2. Access To Parts That Cannot Be Accessed By A Car

Not all roads in Uganda are well-paved. If you are the kind that enjoys community and cultural encounters, there would be no better option than a motorcycle self-guided adventure. It makes it possible to reach some of those places that are too remote for some cars to pass.

3.  It’s Cost-Effective

Anyone planning a self-guided tour knows very well how fuel costs might become a very big issue during your trip more so if you are driving a thirsty car. This is never the case when it comes to motorcycle adventures. A motorcycle can go twice or thrice on the journey of an economical SUV. This implies that you will save big on fuel when you consider a motorcycle for a self-guided safari in Uganda

4. Helmet and Bike Camera

The beauty of motorcycle adventures often comes with the helmet camera that helps you capture a number of marvelous views without really have to get your focus off your bike. You can easily edit it together and form a catalog for your Ugandan adventure easily.

5. Save of Guide Expenses

Self-drive tours help you save big on the daily charges that are often charged by the tour guides. Instead, you will only have to spend on the game ranger in case you are to visit one of Uganda’s national parks.

Though there might be a lot more reasons to consider a motorcycle for your self-drive-guided adventure in Uganda, we feel like the five above reasons might be convincing enough for you to consider a motorcycle adventure instead of any other type of adventure in Uganda.

One thing maybe that would have made it to this list, it the adventure that comes by simply riding a bike. It is an adventure in itself. However, besides the motorcycle self-drive adventures, you might also wish to consider a few reasons why you would have to consider a self-guided self-drive car adventure in Uganda. Check on us next week

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