Uganda Medics Arrested During Their March To The Parliament

In late November 2021; the Ugandan medics announced a “tools down strike” over low salaries and poor working conditions. For close to five years now, the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been promising a salary increment for the doctors. However, his promises that hadn’t come to pass after a few years induced a “tools down strike” to force into operation what the president of Uganda promised.

Three weeks into the strike, the government of Uganda seemed unbothered to the point of issuing employment termination threats specifically to the medical internees that participated in the strike. In order to make their cry louder, the medics in Uganda chose to march to the parliament today so that they may petition the speaker of the parliament of Uganda.

Unfortunately, their efforts were stung paralyzed after the police stopped what seemed to be a peaceful demonstration. 33 of the medics that participated in the strike have been detained at Kampala central police station. The police are yet to come out with an official statement of what really happened and why these medics were detained.

By SePH256

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