30,000 CCTV Cameras to be installed in Kampala

It has risen that the city will need over 30,000 Closed Circuit Television cameras to adequately monitor the crime around the city.

The disclosure, which was made by Dr Steven Ntambi, an engineer at Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) comes only two days after the President’s order to install of CCTV cameras around the city and different towns to help recognize criminals.

Ntambi said that, only Kampala the needs over 30,000 surveillance cameras to successfully be monitored. This could the nation around 100 million dollars.

The Kampala Sun News comprehends that KCCA has associated with the Chinese government on a pilot project of testing around 30 cameras around the city.

Be that as it may, numerous Ugandans have already began opposing the project saying it’s only a wastage of citizens’ money since the country is not yet developed to the degree of having the cameras work viably refering to loopholes like; thieves, dusty roads and darkness in most parts of Kampala.

Since it was an order from the president, we waiting to see the project will work out.